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Power Speaker Amplifier Repair Specialists

About Us
Pro Digital Inc. specializes in servicing recording equipment used in today's digital studios. By specializing in particular types of equipment, we are able to offer faster turnaround and more accurate and thorough repairs than other service centers. Turnaround on most Digital recorders and CD and Minidisc players is three days. Rush service is available on certain brands and models. See service policy below for details.

We Specialize in Power Speaker Amplifier Repair - All Brands
Call (610) 690-4444 for immediate service!

Recording Studio Products including DAT, ADAT, and DA-88 service. We also service other studio equipment, including CD players and Recorders, and the full Alesis studio line of mixers, effects units, drum machines, speakers, keyboards, and amplifiers.

Service on certain analog equipment is also available such as cassette recorders, power amplifiers, and mixers. Please e-mail or call for details.

Broadcast products including CD cart, CD, Mini disc players, CD recorders, DAT recorders, multitrack digital recorders including Alesis, Fostex, and Panasonic ADAT format machines, and Tascam DA-88/98/38 recorders.

Our Service Policies
Repair Time: Typically three days for full size units for which we specialize. All other units typically require 10 working days. Rush service is available at an additional charge.

Labor Rate: $82.00 per hour

Rush Service: Rush service is available for most full size DAT, ADAT, and DA-88 units, as well as Denon CD, CD cart, and MD players. Next day service is an additional $25. Same day service is an additional $50.

Estimate Charge: A minimum charge of $42 applies to all units when our repair estimate is declined. Units exhibiting obvious indications of hopelessness will not be charged an estimate fee.

Payment Method: Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, COD. Net 10/Net 30 accounts available to group-owned radio and television stations, educational and government institutions, and larger recording studios. Credit approval is required for net 10/net 30 accounts.


Pro Digital Inc.
Sale on Refurbished Inventory!
For details please call Paul at (610) 690-4444
All machines refurbished and includes a 90 day parts and labor warranty
Extended warranties available